Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

A Bundle of Joy ..

Small little eyes looking at me,

tiny little hands trying to hold the whole of me,

so cute legs that wanna jump all the time.. the body is just so fragile..

the eyes look at me.. the hands play around.. he is just a day old when i hold that lump in my hand..

The faint voice which is calling me.. the swift movements it makes to feel itself,

the mouth that tries to take in everything.. though its a baby it doesnt care about anything..

He grabs all attention, he takes all my time.. he is the little angel who brights up my life..

When i take him in my hands he looks at me.. he tries to hold my eyes which gaze at him..

he is as tiny , would fit in my arms fold..a small little bundle of happiness that i call!

He yawns in my arms while i cradle him there..i sing or him and he goes to sleep..

I keep looking at him and feel the joy of having him :)

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